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National Level Competitor Chad Ray Martin.

Consistent Competition Record
Always in shape
Available for Videos and Modeling
Knowledgeable in Bodybuilding and Nutrition 
Publicized in Magazines

Full Name: Chad Ray Martin
Residence: Arkansas
Occupation: Network Analysts
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Sandy Blond
Height: 5'8"
Off-Season Weight: 235 to 250 lbs.
Contest Weight: 225 lbs.
Bodybuilding Goals: To continue to improve and compete a little bit harder, better conditioned, and bigger every year.
Biggest Influences: Friends and Family
Favorite Body Part to Train: Legs
Favorite Exercises: Squats and Incline
Favorite Cheat Food: bread
Favorite Movie: National Treasure
Favorite TV Show: Three's Company
Favorite Band/Music: Chill out Music
Favorite Actor: Arnold
Favorite Sport: Water Sports
Favorite Book: BB Magazines ( I know that's not a book)
Traveling, Boating, Bodybuilding, Motorcycling and Wakeboarding


Summer & Autumn Martin



Things most People Don't know: I have served in Air force for 14 years as F-16 Technician. I Spent Most Of 2005 In IRAQ Fighting In Operational IRAQ Freedom As F-16 Tech