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This DVD is centered around the JR USA as I started filming about 4 weeks away from show and captured all the training, dieting, prep, guest posing,  flexing, and candid moments in my schedule. I train at a couple locations and capture a lot of great moments during that four weeks of preparation. You will see me peel down all the way to the day of contest. This DVD is the real thing. Chad Ray


Running time: Approx. 2:20


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Power Package

Running time: Approx. 1:30


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This DVD was filmed just 2 days after the JR Nationals. I competed at 224lbs and then went back to the gym the Monday - Thursday after the show to capture me filling out with carbs, moving some heavy poundage and having fun, in my everyday life. I enjoyed making this DVD and I am sure you will to. You will see a variation of me from training, nutrition , home life and other captures only seen from this DVD.  Chad Ray